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IEDA 基金会 Scholarship Program

  • Sunday, December 31, 2023
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Scholarships are awarded for tuition assistance or registration only for certain professional development that has been preapproved by the 基金会. Preapproved professional development includes;

  • OU/EDI – Years 1 through 3
  • Pre‐Exam Course for Certification CEcD
  • IEDC Courses
  • Basic Economic Development Course
    • Ball State University Basic Course
    • Radius Indiana
  • IEDA Practitioner’s Course
  • IEDA Workshops
  • IEDA Conferences (Excluding Site Selector Conference)

Note: The 基金会 may consider and award scholarships for other professional development courses not previously listed on a case‐by‐case basis. Applications for these other courses must include an overview or syllabus for the course and the applicant’s essay must address how this course will benefit their career in economic development.

The 基金会 recognizes that other entities such as public/private utility companies around the State offer financial assistance as well to economic development practitioners. The intent of the 基金会’s Scholarship Program is not to replace but to augment and partner with other existing programs, extending the common goal of continued professional development while not duplicating efforts. Every effort will be made to coordinate scholarship opportunities between the 基金会 and other entities to avoid duplication of effort.

Scholarship Application/Awarding of Scholarships:

  • The 基金会 Board of Directors’ Scholarship Application Committee (the Committee) consists of at least three (3) 基金会 Board Members and is responsible for the development of the Scholarship Application which is available to IEDA members via the Association’s website. 
  • Scholarships will be awarded twice per year. Normally awards will be made and announcements of scholarship winners will take place in April and October of each year. Every attempt will be made to announce winners at IEDA Conferences. 然而, all Scholarship Winners will be recognized at the IEDA’s Annual Meeting 
  • At least 45 days prior to each announcement, a solicitation for applications will be made throughout the IEDA membership, via the Association’s web site, at conferences, and other forms of social media. Directions for submitting applications electronically, with a deadline, will be established by the Committee for each solicitation period. 
  • Scholarships will only be awarded to Association members in good standing. 当 scholarship dollars are limited and demand is high, priority will be given to LEDO and REDO applicants. 
  • Applications received prior to the deadline will be disseminated to the Committee for their review and recommendation. A deadline for recommendations will be established by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson.

Amount of Scholarship –General Guidelines: The amount and number of scholarships awarded within a given year will be determined by the Committee based on the number of applications and the availability of funds. 然而, as a general guideline, the Committee will use the following table for awarding the financial amount of each scholarship:

Course/Training - Amount

  • OU/EDI – Year 1 up to 75% of tuition
  • OU/EDI – Year 2 up to 50% of tuition
  • OU/EDI – Year 3 up to 25% of tuition
  • Pre‐Exam Course CEcD up to 50% of tuition
  • IEDC Courses up to 50% of tuition
  • Basic Course (BSU/Radius) up to 100% of tuition
  • IEDA Practitioners Course up to 100% of tuition
  • IEDA Conferences (Excluding Site Selectors) up to 50% of tuition
  • IEDA Seminars up to 50% of tuition

Other criteria that may be considered by the Committee beyond number of applications and availability of funds include:

  • Justification of need or essay provided in the application
  • Number of years in the economic development field
  • Availability of other scholarships specific for that course/training
  • Recommendation of supervisor
  • Number of previous awards to the applicant by the 基金会
  • Date Application was received i.e., first come first served
  • If applicant is seeking other scholarship funding for the same course requested through the IEDA Scholarship
  • The budget of the applicant’s organization and the percentage dedicated to professional development/education/training.

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